Late Cambrian – “Sydney Sweeney” (Video Premiere)

Today I’m excited to share the latest music video from indie pop/rock band Late Cambrian, called “Sydney Sweeney.” In this dystopian-styled song, the band explores the pitfalls of being stuck online with no glimmers of hope to escape the ugliness of this world. The single comes from their upcoming record entitled Future Snacks, where the band shared, “We were originally going to call the album Future Ghosts, but I thought it was too grim,” says Wlaysewski. “Future Snacks came out of that idea of planning for a party, creating an experience, but then underneath that there’s the creeping sense that it can all end at any time. In a way, we’re all future snacks.” If you’re enjoying the new track from Late Cambrian, Future Snacks hits the streets on September 23rd via Mifflin Street Music.