Lime Garden – “Pop Star” (Video Premiere)

Today I’m excited to introduce everyone to the Alt-Indie rock band, Lime Garden, who have released their latest single and video from their debut LP called “Pop Star.” On this vibrant track, that comes from the recently released One More Thing, Lime Garden have the pop sensibilities of Charli XCX paired with the songwriting prowess of The Japanese House. Band member Chloe Howard shared:

’Pop Star’ was influenced by a real pop star and me not wanting to go back to my part-time job after being in the studio. On the morning of the studio session, I’d watched a TikTok of Damon Albarn talking about how Gorillaz used the standard preset on an omnichord for ‘Clint Eastwood’ – and then, guess what I found in the studio!? – so, we figured if Damon says so, we should try it! Then I sang over the demo about not wanting to go to work the day after and the lyrics stuck. The song is almost so sarcastic that it’s gone full circle into honesty and my work / life imbalance. The song has got a swagger that might surprise a few people!

If you’re enjoying the latest single from Lime Garden, please consider purchasing their debut LP, One More Thing, here.