Madeline Rhodes – “Bailing On Your Birthday” (Song Premiere)

Madeline Rhodes

Today I’m excited to share with everyone the latest single from pop singer, Madeline Rhodes, called “Bailing on Your Birthday.” On the first single from her upcoming LP, The Brothel, Rhodes channels slick pop hooks paired with a great vocal performance.

It was my best friend’s birthday and I was having a terrible depressive episode,” Rhodes recalled on the track’s origins. “I called her after the party had already started and told her I wasn’t coming. She was pissed and I was like ‘it’s not always about you!!!’…on her birthday. Rude. But also kinda true? I wrote this song as an explanation for my absence at her party. I hope that when she hears it, she forgives me.

I was also able to catch up with this talented songwriter for a brief interview below.

This new single, “Bailing on Your Birthday,” is a statement in support of a night in when you truly need it. When having these moments where you take stock of your emotions and need to focus on self care, what are your go-to methods?

Self care is a tricky subject. For me there’s such a fine line between self care and self sabotage. For example, watching reality TV while crocheting my dog a new sweater can feel like self care. Then six hours go by and I’ve lost touch with anything that resembles sanity. But the more I listen to my body, the more I can monitor what is helping and what is hurting. Most of the time moderation is the key ingredient I often miss. For successful self care I like to write, take a bath, call a friend, skip the social event I’ve been pressured into, make an art project, and get to bed early. Do I do it correctly most of the time? No. But the most important part of self care is to be gentle with myself.

How would you best describe your sonic sensibilities moving into this new era of your career? Have you looked toward anything/anyone in particular for inspiration?

I’ve been listening a lot to Julia Michaels, Lorde, Sarah Bareilles, and Tove Lo these days. I love women who write from their hearts and sing from their pain. Sonically I’ve branched out and started working with different producers around the world. I tend to be artistically codependent so this has been a big feat for me. And although my music partner-in-crime Jamie Lawrence and I are still working closely together, I’m grateful for the experience of learning from the musical minds of a diverse group of collaborators.

Can you divulge anything about what is coming up next for you?

Oooolala! Over the next six months I’ll be releasing more singles and later this year, I’ll be releasing a full album called The Brothel (well, no one has told me yet that I can’t title it that…TBD). It’s my first full length album and I’ve put everything I’ve got into it. I hope people like these singles from it enough to stick around for the whole shabang.