Nick Leng – “Easy” (Song Premiere)

Nick Leng

Today I’m excited to share the latest single from the ultra-talented singer/songwriter, Nick Leng, called “Easy.” The song comes from his vibrant second LP entitled Spirals, out everywhere July 22nd via SOTA Records, and is a good reflection of Leng’s use of color imagery to describe a vast range of emotions. With so much anticipation building towards his sophomore effort, it’s about time we all engulf ourselves in Leng’s musical odyssey.

How would you describe “Easy”? What is the inspiration behind the single, why did you choose it as your last single for the LP? 

”Easy” is a song that first came about almost 5 years ago. When I heard it again, I felt that it would fit perfectly on the album. It does has a meaning to me…but I don’t really like to explain the songs too much because I want the listener to be able to interpret my music in their own way. 

As a general synopsis, how would you describe this record — do each of the songs contain their own story, or is there a general theme that weaves throughout? Or are both true?

Each of the songs do have their own story and meanings, but because this record was worked on in one breath, there are definitely themes that tie everything together. It very much captures this point in my life. 

Keys have a huge role on this record, and effortlessly contribute to the shifts in mood seen throughout. Was there a spectrum of emotions/feelings you wanted to channel on this release, both lyrically and stylistically, or was it more spur of the moment…based on whatever was going on in your life and what happened in the studio?

It was probably more spur of the moment. I get enveloped into the world of a song when I’m working on something. For instance in the song “Spirals,” I spent a long time figuring out all of the piano parts and production. Music feels like my little escape from reality, when I disappear into that world and am working on it everything sort of subsides. It’s rare that I go into the studio with a mantra.