The Stone Foxes – “Time Is A Killer” (Song Premiere)

Stone Foxes

Today I’m thrilled to showcase the latest single from San Francisco rock band, The Stone Foxes, called “Time is a Killer.” With a sound that strays somewhere between The Black Crowes, Jack White, and The Struts, The Stone Foxes have crafted a blistering new song that hits all the right chords. The Stone Foxes are comprised of brothers Shannon and Spencer Koehler, and the latest single comes from their forthcoming LP On The Other Side, out everywhere music is sold on November 18th.

The band shared:

The lyrical theme came from the idea of mother nature being a character – a stone cold killer – which she is. Mother nature doesn’t play games. Mother nature will auto-correct our foolishness. And after a certain amount of time, Mother nature will move on without us if we don’t get wise. I had taken piano lessons for a few months from our music partner and great friend Vince Dewald. Usually it’s not wise to have bandmates teaching each other instruments because it can lead to hurt egos and feelings, but Vince was a fabulous teacher. He showed me how to look at the keys so I could see chords, which would hopefully help my songwriting. It was just enough to learn how to transcribe the sounds that were going on in my head. So when I had the melody for ‘Time Is A Killer’ playing around in my head, I was able to sit at my keyboard and plink it out on a keyboard.  It’s not complicated by any stretch, but it’s one of the first songs I’ve ever written on piano. However, I am very aware that it’s Spence’s guitar, the horns, and the backup singers—Emilie, Zola, and Kelly—that really make the track go to another level.  We tried to make a big soup out of Spence’s guitar, a little early Wu-Tang beat influence, and some Ennio Morricone.

If you’ve been looking for that next rock band that checks all of the boxes and still leaves room for lyrical interpretation, The Stone Foxes are clearly the answer to your search.