Wilson Getchell – “This To That” (Album Stream)


Today I’m thrilled to share with everyone that Thirsty Curses’ front-man, Wilson Getchell, is releasing his debut EP called This To That on October 13th. This To That opens with the puerile and playful coming of age tune, “Brand New Nintendo,” in which Getchell humorously retraces his life’s missteps, and ponders the resulting twists and turns. It’s followed by the Pavement-esque “This Just Might Take Some Time,” a cathartic post-breakup anthem with a banging saxophone solo, and then the toe-tapper “Trauma Queen.” The EP is rounded out by the existential crisis themed “Fifty Straight Nights,” and the ballad “Are You Still There?”, an orchestral-ish rearrangement of a tune which previously appeared on Thirsty Curses’ To The Ends of The Earth. Getchell shared, “Earlier this year, my band Thirsty Curses took a couple months off and I started recording a handful of songs which ultimately became This to That. When we’ve recorded Thirsty Curses material in the past, we’ve always tried to present the songs in the same way we would perform them live. This solo EP was much more of a studio record which allowed me to explore some different sounds and instrumentation. I performed all the instruments on the new EP with the exception of guest appearances by Jason Froeber (saxophone on “This Just Might Take Some Time” and “Trauma Queen”), Tee Corbett (trumpet on “Brand New Nintendo”), and Lodge McCammon (cello and bass on “Are You Still There?”). I think the new tunes came out pretty great and I’m excited to finally get to share them.” If you’re enjoying the early listen, please consider purchasing the EP.