Review: All Get Out – Nobody Likes a Quitter

All Get Out - No Body Likes a Quitter

Sometimes waiting pays off.

It’s now the last quarter of 2016, and we finally have the sophomore effort from All Get Out, Nobody Likes a Quitter. The band’s last full length, The Season, was released all the way back in September of 2011. Now widely considered something of a cult classic, that record was followed up four years later with the Movement EP, an effort meant to reflect the pace and energy of the band’s live show. Now almost a year later, we have All Get Out’s second full length, and it was worth every (im)patient day we waited for it.

‘Young Justice’ Gets a Third Season

A third season of Young Justice has been announced:

The Team is back and it’s “business as usual.” Warner Bros. Animation has begun production on a third season of all-new episodes of the acclaimed hit, action-animated series “Young Justice,” based on the characters from DC Entertainment. Season three promises new twists, turns and dangerous new threats for the team, but most importantly, the opportunity for fans to finally continue the adventures of some of their favorite Super Heroes. Further details about the new season — including premiere date and network partner — will be announced at a later time.

Election Day 2016

Today is election day here in the United States. I’d just like to encourage everyone reading this to vote today! Also if you have any issues voting you can call 866-OUR-VOTE, and don’t forget that once you’re in line they have to let you vote — even after the polls close.

I’ll be hanging out, cracking nervous jokes, in the politics thread most of the day.


Marshall Mixing Offering 30% Off Promotion

Brandon from Marshall Mixing is currently offering a 30% off promotion for all mixing and vocal tuning services. If you are in a band or a solo artist, and are looking to give your recordings a professional touch, now is the perfect time to sign up and get a quote. Spots are limited and this special promotion will only last until the end of the year. Please visit the Marshall Mixing website for more details.

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Jeezy Tops Billboard Charts This Week

Jeezy has earned his third number one album and topped this week’s Billboard charts. Avenged Sevenfold’s surprise album debuted at number four.

Avenged Sevenfold’s surprise release, The Stage, takes a bow at No. 4 with 76,000 units (and 72,000 in traditional album sales). The set arrived without warning on Oct. 28, well ahead of its previously announced release date of Dec. 9. Frontman M. Shadows said the band opted for a surprise release because it’s more exciting than the traditional roll out of an album and gets its music out to an audience “without any preconceived notions.”

Ray Toro of My Chemical Romance Talks Reunion Rumors

Ray Toro of My Chemical Romance talked with NME about reunion rumors and the unexpected reaction to their that teaser video they posted earlier this year.

“I feel like that took everybody aback,” Toro told NME about the rumours. “I don’t think we realised how dramatic that teaser trailer was. We were just looking for a cool way to announce the 10th anniversary – and we were all just blown away by the reaction.”

Toro continued: “It makes you feel really good, because you know so many years later your work is still appreciated and it’s finding a new audience. One of the things we hear a lot that is that people who weren’t even born when that album or when the band first started are somehow into us. I remember when I was in high school, listening to The Misfits. You’d never get to see them live back then but it ends up getting passed down and becomes almost mythical in a sense, so I think that’s pretty cool if that does happen with My Chem.”