Andrew McMahon 10 Years in Remission

Andrew McMahon spoke a little with People Magazine about being 10 years in remission from leukemia. He also mentioned he’s begun working on new music:

“I finally got together with this production team in New York downtown that I’ve just been so psyched on working with that I said, ‘I’m gonna do my New York record,'” says McMahon, who recorded all his previous albums on the West Coast. “I don’t want to scare anybody, but it’s pop.”

Is Apple Music Really Deleting Your Music? Doubtful.

Serenity Caldwell, writing for iMore, looks at what may have happened in regard to the blog post going around saying that Apple Music deleted a bunch of files off someone’s hard drive.

Whatever the case, Apple Music was never designed to delete Pinkstone’s source library, and it won’t delete yours. That’s simply not how the service works on your primary Mac. But if you’re not aware of how iCloud Music Library stores copies of tracks, you may delete your local copies to save space, thinking you can get them back — and get screwed as a result.

My guess is that there was a misunderstanding in how the system works, because the system is pretty stupidly confusing at times, and there is always the chance it was a bug. But there’s absolutely no way that deleting your music, without you expressly saying to do it, is “working as intended” as apparently the original author was told by tech support.

What I consider to be the killer feature of Apple Music, the combination of my local library with their streaming library, is also the feature that adds the most complexity to the service. While it does work, and I do use it, it’s far from perfect and definitely confusing. That’s on Apple to fix if they want you to trust your music library to their product. If they don’t have that trust then people will continue to use two apps: one for music they own and then Spotify for everything else.

New AFI Music Could Be Coming Next Year

Jade Puget and Davey Havok talk with the OC Register about Blaqk Audio’s new album and mention that we may be getting new AFI as early as next year.

The duo are constantly working independently and together to juggle all of their obligations and keep things fresh, which is why straight after the release of this Blaqk Audio record and the tour, new AFI music could be out as soon as early next year.

One Month

It’s been a little over a month since we launched and it feels great to be getting into the swing of things a little more. In our first month, we bolted right past 5 million pageviews and we’re now coming up on 150,000 posts in the forum by well over 7,000 members. It’s been a lot of fun watching the roll-out of new Blink-182 with the community and it’s amazing, and kinda hilarious, how fast that thread exploded (7,000 posts, over 200,000 views).

I just want to give a quick plug for our membership program and again extend my dearest thank you to everyone that’s signed up so far. The supporter forum has been my favorite place to hang out recently and all the conversations about life, music, and doing a few “have a beer and live blog about new music” nights this week have been devilishly fun.

Also, I’m currently booking up advertisements for this month, so please get in touch if you have a product or service you’d like to put in front of our engaged and ever-growing audience.


Funko Shows Off New ‘The Force Awakens’ Collectables has shared photos of the new The Force Awakens Funko collectables and they’re amazing.

Coming in July and made in Pop!’s already-classic design aesthetic, the lineup includes everyone from Luke Skywalker to maskless Kylo Ren to Rey (with lightsaber!). In addition, several retailer exclusives are coming, featuring special depictions and variations of characters. Look for Rey with X-wing helmet, Poe Dameron with jacket and blaster, and much more. Finally, you can recreate Rey’s fateful meeting with Luke right on your desk.

Apple Music to Get Design Overhaul

Bloomberg is reporting that Apple Music will be getting a pretty big overhaul this year:

Following a management shakeup, the service’s new look is being overseen by content head Robert Kondrk and Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor. Design chief Jony Ive’s team also has provided input, along with Iovine and Eddy Cue, the senior vice president in charge of Internet services.

9to5Mac has more on what the new look may be, and it’s described as a more “black and white” interface:

The new user-interface ditches the current colorful and translucent look in favor of a simpler design that emphasizes black and white backgrounds and text. For instance, the user interface in the albums view will no longer change in appearance based on the color of a particular album’s art. While the new interface will eschew color in the user-interface, album artwork will become “huge” and a larger part of the interface in order to avoid a dull black and white look, according to people who have seen the updated Apple Music service.

There’s a small aside at the bottom saying that iTunes itself will get a minor update this year with a larger revamp expected next year. My argument has long been that iTunes needs to be separated into different apps. There’s just too much going on. I’m still using, and for the most part enjoying, Apple Music. The ability to combine my library with the Apple Music library remains the killer feature for me, but god damn when the bugs hit they are infuriating. I currently have two versions of “Thrice” in my library even though they’re named the same and I’ve checked all the sorting options and tried renaming them multiple times. I mean what the hell.