Harriet Tubman Will Replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 Bill

Micah Singleton, writing for The Verge, on how Harriet Tubman will be replacing Andrew Jackson on the twenty dollar bill.

In a surprise move, Harriet Tubman will replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill, one of the most heavily circulated bills in the world, according to a report from Politico. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew will announce the change later today, according to the report. This marks a big win for Woman on 20, the movement to put a woman on the face of US paper currency for the first time in nearly a century.

Geoff Rickley Talks With Alt Press

Thursday frontman, Geoff Rickley, speaks with Alt Press in a new interview about the band getting back together to play Wrecking Ball and what could be next:

There’s something I hated at the time that I’m counting as a blessing now. At the time, I really hated the fact Thursday came up and inspired bands like Story Of The Year and the Used because I hated that [the scene] was turning into radio rock that was turning off the kinds of bands that I wanted to be influenced by us, making them do smart things with post-hardcore. [Those bands] would think, “It’s totally played out and whitewashed, I’m going to move on to indie rock” or this or that. I resented it at the time because I wanted to have a bunch of really smart, interesting peers who pushed the art form to another level. Looking back on it, I feel like maybe part of the the reason Thursday is so relevant and pure is because there was this radio rush and the smart kids stopped making post-hardcore. There aren’t that many great post-hardcore bands who came in the wake of Thursday doing this stuff. I think that’s why Thursday still stands up: There wasn’t a lot of great innovation in the wake of the band. And I owe that to bands that were more interested in radio hits—they helped preserve the vitality of Thursday.