All Systems Go
“The Lowdown”

The latest single from NJ pop-punk band All Systems Go called “The Lowdown” revisits the glory days of the genre and makes for a memorable statement. Imagine the Drive-Thru Records-era bands being put into a blender with their various styles and voices, and you’d likely end up with something similar to All Systems Go. Produced by Gary Cioni (Hot Mulligan, Crime in Stereo) and mastered by Mike Kalajian (New Found Glory, Senses Fail), this professional-sounding track is sure to be the perfect addition to that end-of-summer playlist you’ve been crafting.

The song opens with some somber vocals that quickly accelerate over the great guitar riffs, before exploding into an anthemic chorus. It reminds me a bit of early-New Found Glory paired with the crunchy, start/stop riffing of Fenix TX. The chorus of, “And I just hate how I get it now / It doesn’t matter if we talk it out / You make me wary of everything / That might just seem like the right move / To bringing me down / And I get it now / And I’m still wishing that you’ll come around / And now there’s nothing left that I can do / You just have to get through to you,” is well-constructed and thought out fully, as it tackles the theme of navigating a troublesome relationship. All Systems Go are showing a lot of promise on songs like this one.