Blue Vervain

The latest single from indie-rock band Blue Vervain, called “Mexico,” features breathy vocals over lush musical arrangements to bring those perfect end-of-summer vibes into your headspace. From the mind of Jon Khan, Blue Vervain captures something magical on songs like this take from the newly released full-length record of The Garden. As Khan sings the refrain of, ““I want to see you, right now,” it’s easy to visualize that one person that you want to spend all of your days with.

Blue Vervain showcases his depth as key solo artist to watch as we get closer to turning the page on 2023. On this reflective new single, that fits well within the wheelhouse of bands like Ash and Dashboard Confessional, Blue Vervain have truly arrived. The Garden is an album that continues to go down the rabbit hole of the possibilities Khan can take his music, and if “Mexico” is any indication of the music to get accustomed to, you’ll want to stay tuned.