Review: Fenix TX – Fenix TX

The self-titled record from Fenix TX came with a number of firsts for the band. It was their first major label LP, the first record that they would release after re-branding from Riverfenix to Fenix TX, and their first real exposure to the mainstream of pop-punk that was beginning to blossom during the summer of 1999. Other pop-punk bands, like Blink-182, were getting major radio airplay and more audiences were being exposed to this genre of music. Fenix TX was produced by Jerry Finn, Ryan Greene, and Jim Barnes, and the band would continue to work with Finn on their equally successful Lechuza. This self-titled LP by the pop-punk band from Houston still sounds as charming, polished, and at moments a bit before its time. For every great track like “All My Fault” and “Flight 601 (All I Got Is Time),” there’s a goofy song like “Rooster Song” to show their audience that they were growing up and to not be taken too seriously. There’s plenty to love and enjoy on this LP that would provide plenty of clues of where Fenix TX would take their sound on subsequent releases.

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The Gaslight Anthem Release Expanded ‘History Books’

Gaslight Anthem

The Gaslight Anthem have released a new version of History Books that’s been remixed, remastered, and contains new bonus material. The full press release, and a message from the band, can be found below.

We decided to remix History Books in its entirety, the Expanded Edition is out now.

When we first mixed it, we were blown away by how incredible it sounded on the vinyl test presses. That original mix still holds up beautifully on vinyl, and we wouldn’t dream of changing it. However, when the album came out digitally, it didn’t quite hit the mark we were aiming for. So, we decided to remix it specifically for digital release.

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Chained Saint – “Animosity” (Video Premiere)

Chained Saint

Today I’m thrilled to introduce everyone to Chained Saint, a metal band from South Florida who channels their love for big riffs, 80’s thrash metal, and a modern flair to their sound not usually found in a band this young. Chained Saint is Ethan Kahn (guitar), Sebastian De Avila (bass), Cameron Cottrell (drums), and Sean Sterling (vocals), and their debut LP Blindside was produced by William DuVall of Alice In Chains. “Animosity” is the lead single from the record, and the music video showcases the band’s great chemistry and overall energy towards their music. If you’re enjoying “Animosity,” be on the lookout for Blindside that will be released in late August via Patriark Records.

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