2022 Gift Guide


The holiday season is upon us!

I’ve once again collected a list of things that I’ve personally used, enjoyed, and think make pretty good gifts. I have recommendations posts that I update regularly for software, headphones, and miscellaneous stuff, so this list is more focused on things not included in those posts and geared towards stuff I’ve come across in the past year or so that I like.

I used my Amazon affiliate link when the product showed up there, which gives our website a slight percentage back if you make a purchase and therefore helps fund our continued existence.

If you’d like to get me a gift, becoming a supporting member or gifting another user a supporting membership for a year would mean the world to me. And, if you’re looking for something in just about any price range with a Chorus.fm or AbsolutePunk.net logo on it, check our merch shop.

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The Losing Score – “Delightfully Devilish” (Video Premiere)

Today is a great day to share the new single and music video from a new emo rock band, named The Losing Score, called “Delightfully Devilish.” The track comes from their debut LP, Learn To Let This Go, and it features some footage of their recent tour where they dedicated their lives to the road. If you are enjoying the direction the band took here, please consider purchasing Learn To Let This Go here.

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The Mortal Prophets – “Death Letter” (Song Premiere)

The Mortal Prophets

Today I’m excited to bring everyone the new single from The Mortal Prophets called “Death Letter.” The single comes from the band’s debut LP, Me and the Devil, that hits all music platforms on December 9th. The Mortal Prophets’ John Beckmann shared this about the direction of the material, “Life is about unknowing yourself and so it is with making music. It’s about the journey, and I know that will be discernible in the music as new songs and new albums are released over the next few years. If you’re ready to join The Mortal Prophets on their musical odyssey, you’ve come to the right place. I was also able to catch up with Beckmann for a brief interview below.

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Under The Rug – “Lonesome and Mad” ft. Ariel Posen (Video Premiere)

Under The Rug

Today I’m thrilled to bring everyone the new music video from folk rock/Americana band Under The Rug. The great-sounding new single is called “Lonesome & Mad” and features a guest contribution from Ariel Posen. For those new to the band, they are comprised of guitarist Sean Campbell, vocalist/guitarist Casey Dayan, and drummer Brendan McQueeney. Dayan shared this about the new track:

”Lonesome & Mad” was the first song we wrote for this record, and, unlike the other songs—which we mostly wrote on the road—this one came together in our dilapidated little mobile at a time when we were feeling alienated from the rest of the world. Between everything that was happening politically in this country, to the kinds of effects-heavy movies and television that had become so popular, to the way people seemed to treat each other in a crowded grocery-store aisle, we felt out-of-touch and unmoored. Nothing was wrong, but something was really wrong. That’s why we wanted the video to feel very home-made, and it’s also why we show our little mobile home at the end. Of course, getting to have Ariel on the track brought the whole thing home in this pop-irreverent, rootsy, Americana way. It all just came together so neatly.

The song comes from Under The Rug’s forthcoming LP, Homesick For Another World, that will be released everywhere music is sold on February 17, 2023. If you’re enjoying the direction the band took here, you can pre-order the vinyl here.

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