When We Were Young Playlist


Craig Manning, yes the same one, writing at Billboard:

Announced earlier this week, the aptly named live music extravaganza will bring together 65 bands from across the emo/pop-punk/post-hardcore/metalcore galaxy, most of which found prominence in the early 2000s. The lineup, which includes all your favorites from My Chemical Romance to Avril Lavigne to Boys Like Girls to The Starting Line to Glassjaw, invites attendees to grab their iPods, don their skinny jeans and Warped Tour T-shirts, and step back about 20 years. […]

Whether you’re doing your homework to get prepped for the When We Were Young festival or just looking to lose yourself in sweet nostalgia for a few hours, consider this playlist the perfect way to ring in your weekend.

Check out the playlist on Spotify.

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Review: Inside Voices – Liminal Space

After releasing their debut in 2018, Consecutive Normal Songs, the Northeast Louisiana emo rock band Inside Voices have returned with their latest offering of new music on the EP titled Liminal Space. The four-piece band would be perfect for fans of the stylings of other emo bands like Title Fight, The Wonder Years, and especially American Football. By showcasing their growth on this collection of six well thought out songs, Inside Voices appear poised for the next big step in their musical evolution.

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David Bendeth Talks Working With Paramore on ‘Riot!’

David Bendeth, who produced Paramore’s Riot!, did a video interview talking about the record and trials with the label:

When I finished Riot I handed it in to the label, and they didn’t think there was a hit. They didn’t hear anything on there. The head of Warner Brothers said, “we are going to get Chad Kroeger of Nickelback to write Hayley a hit.” When I told the band what was happening, they went nuts as you could imagine, because we worked four or five months on that record, and they were teenagers. You can imagine the outburst they had putting everything in their lives into the record.” I got back to the label and said look, no offense, but I’m not doing it, and they flipped.

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