Review: The Used – The Used

I’m not quite sure when my fondness for a band called The Used started. I seem to remember hearing about a hyped band, from an article in Alternative Press, where producer and Goldfinger founder John Feldman was gushing over this band that he helped get signed to a major label. The Used were comprised of lead singer Bert McCracken, bassist Jeph Howard, drummer Branden Steineckert and guitarist Quinn Allman, and their incredible band chemistry was able to capture early and inescapable magic on their self-titled debut. The first track that I ever heard from The Used was “A Box Full of Sharp Objects” from a Warped Tour compilation, and it became increasingly evident to me that this band demanded to be taken seriously. The lead single from their debut LP was an abrasive, wall of sound effort that captured a punk rock spirit paired with screamo vocals that many other bands would emulate later in our scene. The Used would go on to sell over a million copies in the United States and cement the band’s legacy as one of the emo/punk scene’s primary front-runners.

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The Other Each Other – “Heads” (Song Premiere)

The Other Each Other

Today I’m excited to share the latest single from The Other Each Other called “Heads.” The song comes from the band’s new album Mirror Memorials that will be released on June 24th, and sounds like a mix between Phantogram and Ty Segall. The band comes from the mind of Joel Finch, and the single tackles the theme of being trapped inside our homes during the pandemic, while feeling like that experience is a luxury to have. Finch mentioned, “Note to self: all the problems you spend too long trying to solve daily are inconsequential. You will look back and not remember them. You might just remember what you did instead, possibly outside. Also, your dog wants to go on a walk.” If you’re enjoying the direction that this artist took on the latest single, you can purchase the new song starting tomorrow here.

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Interview: Los Saints

Los Saints

Recently I was able to catch up with lead vocalist, Angel Marshal, of the Latin-infused alternative rock band called Los Saints. In this interview, I asked him about the band’s core influences that they put into their new EP called Welcome To Confusion, how the band does the majority of their songwriting, as well as a fun question about the albums that shaped who Los Saints are as musicians.

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