Review: Another One Down! – A Bitter Descent

The deluxe version of A Bitter Descent by Providence, Rhode Island-based band, Another One Down!, offers a nice glimpse into the maturity shown in the band’s dedication to their craft. “A Bitter Descent means a lot to us because it marks growth and progression for our band. For a long time we felt like we were seen as sort of a throwaway easycore act and we really wanted to prove that we have so much more to offer with this record,” the band shared. “One of our main goals going into the writing process was to tackle more mature subject matter, primarily overcoming mental health issues which is something each member of the band has struggled with in the past and we feel is important to discuss. Another goal was to explore a wide variety of sounds and vibes while still creating a cohesive record. We’ve always been inspired by bands who are not afraid to give individuality to each song rather than write the same song 12 times, especially when they’re able to do that and still create a well-flowing record. We truly believe that we achieved these goals with A Bitter Descent and we are so proud of how the record came out.” The sound of the band fits somewhere between The Starting Line, Midtown, and Allister, with the punchy production of Hit The Lights. By honing in on their songwriting, while still remaining committed to putting their best foot forward, Another One Down! have made a great, hard-hitting pop-punk record just in time for the beginning of Summer.

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Review: STMNTS – “Handpainted” (featuring Patrick Williams)

STMNTS (pronounced Statements) is a 5-piece emotive pop-punk outfit from Baltimore, Maryland. Formed in 2022, the band consists of vocalist Liam King, rhythm guitarist Jamie Black, lead guitarist Drew Chiodo, bassist Josh Pelc, and drummer Shawn Smyth, and their band chemistry is already firing on all cylinders. With a sound that can be found somewhere between the hardcore guitar groove of Four Year Strong, the wonderful lyrical wordplay of The Wonder Years, and the emotion of Bayside, STMNTS are making a solid name for themselves on their debut single “Handpainted.” The single comes from their upcoming EP Tendencies, and features a guest collaboration from Patrick Williams.

What the band does well on this single is to keep the song emotionally charged throughout and still allows for the melodic parts to come through in the mix to make for a memorable track. The crunchy guitar riffs in the verses are complemented by Liam King’s crisp vocal cuts to keep the song balanced in its delivery. The last gasp of a scream on the final lyric of “I feel so alone” finds the band tinkering with a great combination of emo, screamo, and the melodic elements of pop-punk. STMNTS may have just lived up to their name by making a welcomed invitation to the genre.

MIDNIGHTCHOIR – “Love Crimes” (Song Premiere)


Today I’m thrilled to bring everyone the latest single from NYC-electronic act, MIDNIGHTCHOIR, called “Love Crimes.” The band comes from the mind of Patrick Bobilin, who is a political activist and he shares his unique perspective on the world through great synths and eccentric guitars. The song comes from MIDNIGHTCHOIR’s upcoming LP, Loverboy Molotov, that releases everywhere music is sold on July 14th. I was also able to catch up with Bobilin for a brief interview below.

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Review: Out of Service – “Folk 1”

On the latest offering from emo rock band Out of Service, called simply “Folk 1,” the band highlights a different side of themselves. The track features soft-spoken vocals from Mike Capuano, over a campfire-styled acoustic guitar layered with some banjo too. The single unfolds well at the two-minute mark as the band comes to a crescendo while adding in some vocal harmonies to complement Capuano’s delivery. The track comes from the yet-to-be-announced new record that Out of Service have been working on that approaches the emo genre in a unique way. The guitar tones added by Teebs Williams mesh well off of the cymbal crashes by Ken Bond, while Brian McGovern adds in some contextual rhythm on the bass line. If you’ve been looking forward to Out of Service experimenting with a more rustic sound, “Folk 1” should be a welcome discovery to add to your latest playlist.

Review: Tyler Posey – UNRAVEL

On the genre-fluid debut LP by Tyler Posey, he channels his love for punk rock, screamo, and hardcore music on a 16-track opus known as UNRAVEL. The set was produced by Matt Malpass and John Feldmann, and it expands upon the ideas Posey tinkered with on his first two EPs (Drugs and Scumbag). When speaking on the direction of his self-released set, Posey shared, “Being an independent artist, there is a lot of freedom, and that’s exactly what this album is. Freedom. It’s got every genre: from screamo, hardcore punk, to chill beach vibes. Listen to it from start to finish in order to really experience the ride that is UNRAVEL, my first full length LP!” With a little bit of everything thrown into the mix on UNRAVEL, Tyler Posey solidifies himself as a key artist to watch this year and beyond.

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