Shutting Down

The Wall Street Journal

Wall Street Journal:

Vice Media said it would stop publishing content on its flagship website and plans to cut hundreds of jobs, following a failed effort by owner Fortress Investment Group to sell the embattled digital publisher and its brands.

The moves were laid out in an internal memo from Chief Executive Bruce Dixon, a copy of which was reviewed by The Wall Street Journal.

“It is no longer cost-effective for us to distribute our digital content the way we have done previously,” Dixon told employees in the memo. He said the company could partner with established media companies to distribute its content. “As part of this shift, we will no longer publish content on”

Review: Amigo The Devil – Yours Until The War Is Over

Amigo The Devil - Yours Until The War Is Over

The latest album by Danny Kiranos (aka Amigo The Devil) called Yours Until The War Is Over is a great exploration of what it means to live through the hardest of times. While Amigo The Devil is known for its “murderous folk rock,” given the violent nature of the lyrical material, what shouldn’t be lost in the message is the powerful songwriting being brought forth. This album tackles a tragic fight between good and evil and all of the casualties that can get in the way of the bloodshed of war. Kiranos is a top-notch storyteller, and each song plays out like a chapter in a book meant for a bigger purpose than itself. These tracks are sequenced together majestically, purposefully, and sound like a mix between the epic storytelling of Coheed & Cambria, paired with the obscure folk rock of Modest Mouse, and set on blend with the lyrical wit of The Decemberists. Amigo The Devil is showcasing his brilliance in more ways than one on Yours Until The War Is Over.

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