Review: Catbite – Nice One

There’s nothing more rewarding than going to a concert and discovering a new band that re-captures your love for a certain genre of music. I attended a concert in DC over the weekend for Anti-Flag, and the supporting band, Catbite, really blew me away with their live performance and overall showmanship in winning over the crowd. Catbite’s sophomore effort called Nice One is a thrilling listen from start to finish, and re-captures my love for ska, especially when it’s this well done. The Philadelphia-based band formed in 2018 and is comprised of lead vocalist Brittany Luna, guitarist Tim Hildebrand, bassist Ben Parry, and drummer Chris Pires. Their ska/punk sound strays somewhere between early No Doubt, paired with Less Than Jake, while mixing in some well-placed organs similar to Motion City Soundtrack. Nice One certainly lives up to its name.

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Tearing Up – “Highway Bandits” (Video Premiere)

Tearing Up

Today is a great day to share the latest single and music video from Tearing Up called “Highway Bandits.” Tearing Up comes from the mind of Graham Caldwell and his creative energy that he puts into this new project is felt far and wide. On the name of the band, Caldwell shared, “Growing up, I loved punk bands that sneered in the face of authority, demanding their voice be heard. They made me feel like I was stronger than I was. I was the kind of person who avoided conflict since I’d lose every fight I’d end up in, but there’s still a part of me that itches to get its hands dirty, hence the name: Tearing Up. The single comes from the recently announced debut EP called Billy Is Dead, out everywhere music is sold on October 14th.

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Review: Dead Kennedys – Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables

The legendary record, Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables, by Dead Kennedys has recently been remastered by Chris Lord-Alge, and has officially been re-issued as of last Friday. Given this recent exciting news, I figured I would take a walk back through the band’s debut studio album to see how it sounds through some fresh ears. Lord-Alge shared, ““Revisiting Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables was such an inside peek at a band packing so much excitement onto tape for every song. The style and playing has such drive and spirit. The big challenge for me was keeping it honest to its original sound and not letting it become modern but improving the separation and clarity. A major chapter in history for Dead Kennedys.” With such steadfast dedication to making each and every song come alive again, Dead Kennedys can look back fondly on this reissued set that packs a nice new shiny punch to it.

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TVOD – “Alien” (Song Premiere)


Today I’m ecstatic to share the latest single from the talented Brooklyn-based band TVOD (Television Overdose). The new track is called “Alien” and features a great mix of sounds that blend together in a crowd-pleasing package. The band’s vocalist, Tyler Wright shared, “This was a song I came up with while sitting on the floor of my practice space feeling sorry for myself. I was having a lot of feelings of self doubt and jealousy at the time and for some reason I could not stop painting this mental image that there was a little envious martian man slowly eating my brain and trying to take over my life. It’s amazing what some painful emotions and a couple catchy guitar riffs can become.” If you’ve been looking for that next exciting band that makes you feel a little less alone, TVOD have come to your rescue.

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Kelsey Magnuson – “Anna’s Song” (Song Premiere)

Kelsey Magnuson

Today is a great day to share the latest single from talented singer-songwriter Kelsey Magnuson for “Anna’s Song.” On this track, Magnuson channels heartfelt lyrics and upper echelon songwriting. She shared, “I was so drawn to her range of sound, from plucky guitar songs to heavier riffs, and how it flowed so well through one album. But I’d also be a phony if I didn’t mention my real life inspo-from-idea-man-confidant-and total lyrical genius, Anna McClellan.” If you’re ready to discover quite possibly your next favorite artist, look no further than Kelsey Magnuson.

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