Quit Yourself – “Strung Out and Grinding Your Teeth” (Song Premiere)

Quit Yourself

Today I’d like to introduce everyone to a great up and coming emo band called Quit Yourself. This Buffalo, New York-based band is sharing their new single called “Strung Out & Grinding Your Teeth.” The song comes from their new EP It Gets Worse Before It Gets Worse. Recorded and mixed by Chris Ploss and mastered by Paul Leavitt, the emotional and heartfelt song speaks to the struggles of the human experience. The music is both raw and authentic, with lyrics that are both thought-provoking and deeply moving. The EP is dynamic and reminiscent of early 2000’s emo, blended with bits of pop-punk and indie/post-hardcore.

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The Scary Jokes – “Uzumaki” (Song Premiere)

The Scary Jokes

Today I’m thrilled to bring everyone the latest single from synth-pop artist The Scary Jokes called “Uzumaki.” The song is about vivid dreams of past failed relationships, wanting everything to be okay, as well as the painful realization of reality when you wake up from dreaming. With a sound truly to their own, The Scary Jokes make a solid impression on the “bedroom pop” genre. The Scary Jokes shared:

”Uzumaki” was inspired by having recurring dreams about people you’ve had a falling out with. You just want things to be okay like they are in the dream but you wake up and you’re still not friends with that person. When I have dreams like that, all the context for why we’re not friends anymore is inaccessible in that moment. But as soon as you wake up and have some clarity, everything comes rushing to the forefront of your brain. I often get frustrated by the senselessness of making an enemy. I don’t want to have enemies; I want to be friends with everyone. “Uzumaki” is about those feelings being at odds with each other.

The song comes from their forthcoming LP, Retinal Bloom, out everywhere music is sold on May 26th.

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Review: The Bouncing Souls – Ten Stories High

Has there ever been a more reliably enjoyable punk rock band over the past three decades than The Bouncing Souls? The band has returned with their 12th full-length studio album, called Ten Stories High, and they sound as energetic and focused as ever. On the title track, lead vocalist Greg Attonito explained, “During the studio sessions we realized we wanted a song to summarize the process and tell the story of the project. One afternoon during the session we came up with the title ‘Ten Stories High’ and matched it up with a melody that Pete and Bryan had recorded earlier on their phones. We really liked how the title added imagery of ten people in a ten story building living out their own external and internal experiences. It was a perfect summary to the project. After a few hours of tinkering with the music and words we had our title track for the record!” The band will be embarking on a comprehensive US tour with Anti-Flag starting this April, and with a slick new record in their repertoire, it will be a show you don’t want to miss.

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Sid Seth – “Hopeless War” (Song Premiere)

Sid Seth

Today is a great day to share the latest single and lyric video from singer-songwriter Sid Seth called “Hopeless War.” With a sound that fits somewhere between the classic soul/pop of Stevie Wonder and the modern flair of Harry Styles, Sid Seth is really coming into his own on songs like this. I was also able to catch up with this artist for a brief interview below.

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