Interview: Geoff Rickly of No Devotion

No Devotion

Recently I was able to connect with lead vocalist Geoff Rickly, of No Devotion and Thursday, to discuss No Devotion’s upcoming record called No Oblivion. The new record is set to hit streaming services on September 16th via Velocity Records, and I also asked Geoff about the process for getting No Devotion’s incredible debut album, Permanence, back on streaming services. In this in-depth interview, Geoff opened up about his personal struggles, the departure of some members of No Devotion, his memories of producing My Chemical Romance’s debut LP, the difference in writing for Thursday compared to No Devotion, as well as his future goals for each musical project.

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Bahjat – “Aladdin” (Song Premiere)


Today I’m excited to share the latest single from experimental pop artist, Bahjat, and his single called “Aladdin.” In this new lyric video for the single, Bahjat showcases what makes him one of the more interesting international artists to watch in the pop genre. Bahjat shared:

“Aladdin” is the second single from my upcoming EP, A-POP. The EP is a snapshot of my experience as an artist finding their own path in the music industry. As an Arab with global ambitions, I’ve always received pushback for being ‘too ambitious for my reality.’ If no one had ‘made it from Libya, why would I ever stand a chance? Why would a refugee with no connections succeed as an artist? Why ‘waste’ the time?”

To begin answering these questions and more, press play and get swallowed whole in the world this artist has created.

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Karaboudjan – “Scatter” (Song Premiere)


Today is the perfect day to share the latest single from psych-rock solo artist, Karaboudjan, called “Scatter.” The track, which is the first single to be released from his forthcoming EP, focuses on the journey of self-discovery that comes with seeing all of the different parts of the world. The artist shared, “Like most artists, I tried to hunker down and write as much music as I could during the start of the pandemic. I’m already a bit of a homebody, so I embraced the beginning of lockdown with open arms. I wrote enough tracks to create a few different projects aside from Karaboudjan, which tends to be a recurring creative issue of mine. I even contemplated releasing a new project/EP instead of these singles, but I really felt that the concept of Karaboudjan wasn’t finished quite yet. It’s like I’m still figuring it out as I go.” If you’re ready to come along for the ride, this artist is accepting new passengers.

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Review: Yellowcard – Southern Air

Yellowcard - Southern Air

By default, the most important Yellowcard album is Ocean Avenue. It’s the one that made the band stars, the one that gave them a classic hit that still lingers in the cultural bloodstream, and the one that provided them with the platform to launch a long, rewarding career. But Southern Air, the band’s eighth studio album, is uniquely vital to the band’s story too, because without it, the Yellowcard arc would feel incomplete. It was the album that took everything they’d been building toward and everything they’d been promising as a band and captured it all perfectly in 10 songs and 40 minutes. It’s not the most famous Yellowcard album, and there are days when it’s not even my favorite, but it is the best single-album distillation of what this band was capable of when they were at their best. And somehow, it’s 10 years old this week.

When Southern Air came out, it felt like Yellowcard had a lot of gas left in the tank. The band had just roared back to life the year before, with 2011’s When You’re Through Thinking, Say Yes, and Southern Air felt like the blockbuster sequel to that album. The two records share a lot, from their fleet 10-song tracklists to the faux vinyl wear rings that are drawn into the album art. Like two movies in a duology, they play beautifully as companion pieces – When You’re Through Thinking coming across as the origin story and Southern Air playing as the bigger, bolder, louder sequel that deepens the themes of its predecessor. In 2012, it felt like Yellowcard could keep making these types of albums forever, but looking back, Southern Air feels oddly like a swansong. The band would make another two LPs after this one, but this version of Yellowcard – this lineup, this sound, this aesthetic – would never exist again.

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