Review: PHNTMS – “Rather Be Lonely”

The latest single from pop rockers, PHNTMS, is a cool blast of rock energy that pulsates along in the best way possible. The track features some cool synths, 80’s-esque guitar tones, all paired with their powerhouse of a vocalist in Alyssa Gambino who commands the song from the opening notes. The lyrical material discusses the pitfalls of being stuck on social media, watching the world go by, and the dangers of losing that personal connection with the people around us. The band does a nice job of never letting the heavier lyrical material bog down the overall pop sheen of the single.

Guitarist Adam Jessamine and bassist Mikal Smith each have their own standout moments on “Rather Be Lonely” that allows the song to expand upon what the band was going for on their previous singles of “Body Language” and “Paper Flowers.” While the song doesn’t explode into each chorus the way I was expecting on my first few listens, the band’s ability to reel things in at times pays off in the long run as they continue to craft out material that showcases the depth to their songwriting.

Eva Rose – “Final Girl” (Song Premiere)

Eva Rose

Today I’m thrilled to share the new single from talented singer-songwriter Eva Rose called “Final Girl.” The singer likens the theme of the song to the horror genre with pleasing results. As Rose mentioned:

Even though the story line of the song is fictional (I’m lucky to have never been involved with an actual serial killer), the song has a thread of reality in it. I think many people have experienced a similar emotional arc of being naive in the beginning of a relationship, believing the other person will spare you of their bad behavior if you can prove you’re ‘different’ from the rest. Then eventually after enough red flags have presented themselves, the rose colored glasses fall and you see the person for who they really are.

If you’ve been looking for that next great pop artist that makes you feel you’re a part of something bigger, Eva Rose is delivering the goods.

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Sponsor: Oliver Low Releases New Song

Oliver Low

Oliver Low from Milwaukee, WI has just released his brand new single “Fool’s Gold”, now streaming everywhere.

Produced by Alex Dezen (The Damnwells, Simple Plan, Justin Bieber), mastered by Whynot Jansveld (Andrew McMahon, Matt Nathanson, Butch Walker), the song has Jimmy Eat World/Goo Goo Dolls influences sonically, with some modern Taylor Swift influence lyrically and melodically, which builds with each chorus to a big release at the end.

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