Dayaway – “Beach 90th” (Video Premiere)


Today I’m excited to share the latest single from dream-pop artist named Dayaway, and the track is called “Beach 90th.” With a style that strays somewhere between the dreamy pop of Tennis and the heartfelt synth rock of Beach House, Dayaway is on the cusp for superstardom. Their debut single, called “Cool Water,” has already racked up over one million streams on Spotify, and earned key placements on several noteworthy playlists. On the latest single, Dayaway shared, “It’s a bit of a vulnerable song about regret and second chances. I like to think that there’s always hope for redemption. We shot the video out at Rockaway Beach, at several locations the song is about. ‘Beach 90th’ has a psychedelic sonic quality, so we wanted to mirror that in the visual choices.”

If you’re enjoying the direction this artist took on this song, you can purchase the track soon on their Bandcamp page. Also, as a bonus treat, I caught up with the artist for a brief chat about their musical journey.

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Sponsor: Genesee Hotel Release New EP

Genesee Hotel

Hair is the second EP from Buffalo-based pop rock quartet Genesee Hotel. Building on the catchy pop melodies and late 90s summer vibes of their debut EP, Strawberry, Hair is an electrifying listen, sending your follicles straight-up with voltaic themes of deep love and pure devotion. Inspired by the pop rock zenith brought on by bands like Third Eye Blind and the Goo Goo Dolls, Genesee Hotel strips songs down to their bare minimum, bringing out the catchiest songwriting elements without sacrificing the deep distilled essence of their emo-revival backgrounds.

There are elements for everyone found throughout Hair – you might enjoy the blistering guitar solo found in album opener “Bones.” “Light Me Up” received a fun music video treatment that the band filmed exclusively using a Ring doorbell. “Worth It” is the band at their darkest with a ruthlessly catchy chorus. Title track “Hair” is true lightning-in-a-bottle, a once-in-a-career anthem about nostalgia, love, and tenderness.

Check it out on all of your favorite streaming platforms.

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Bad Bunny Tops the Charts

Bad Bunny has the number one album in the country:

Bad Bunny’s Un Verano Sin Ti bounces back to No. 1 on the Billboard 200 albums chart (dated July 9) for a third nonconsecutive week on top, as the set climbs 2-1 in its eighth week. The album earned 115,000 equivalent album units in the U.S. in the week ending June 30 (down 5%), according to Luminate.

Travis Barker Shares Health Update

Travis Barker

Travis Barker has shared a health update:

I went in for an endoscopy Monday feeling great.

But After dinner, I developed excruciating pain and have been hospitalized ever since.

During the endoscopy, I had a very small polyp removed right in a very sensitive area, usually handled by specialists, which unfortunately damaged a critical pancreatic drainage tube. This resulted in severe life-threatening pancreatitis.

I am so very very grateful that with intensive treatment I am currently much better.

Liner Notes (July 2nd, 2022)


This week’s newsletter has some thoughts on new music from Anberlin, some computer projects from last weekend, and my usual commentary on entertainment consumed over the past week. There’s also a playlist of ten songs I think are worth your time, and this week’s supporter Q&A post can be found here.

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Review: Patterns In Traffic – Lights and Reflections

The second full-length record from Patterns In Traffic is a lush, dreamy, and picturesque musical landscape through the lens of self-discovery. The band is the solo moniker of Kyle Simons, who wrote, performed, mixed, and mastered the entire LP by himself, which only speaks to his incredible dedication to his craft. The latest effort, entitled Lights and Reflections, is a nice mix of emo-tinged anthems that drift somewhere between Mae, early Jimmy Eat World, paired with the pop polish of Owl City. The promotional cycle for this record was prefaced by two EPs 2020’s Reflections and 2021’s Lights which have been combined with three additional brand-new songs to make the full artistic statement in Lights and Reflections. Patterns In Traffic are on the right course as Simons’ musical journey unfolds majestically from start to finish.

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For The Record – “Fake It ‘Til You Make It” (Album Premiere)

For The Record

Today is a great day to share the new EP from ska/punk band For The Record called Fake It ‘Til You Make It. The California band take their influence from ska legends like Reel Big Fish and Streetlight Manifesto, but they have a nice pop-punk sound that is unique to their brand of feel-good tunes. If you’re enjoying the early listen of the EP, please consider purchasing the album when it hits the streets this Friday, July 1st.

I was also able to catch up with For The Record for a brief interview about the new and exciting direction they took on their new EP.

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