Kate Clover – “Here Comes The Love Bomb” (Song Premiere)

Today I’m thrilled to bring everyone the latest single from Kate Clover called “Here Comes The Love Bomb.” Taken from her upcoming LP, The Apocalypse Dream, out everywhere music is sold on April 5th, Clover commands the song from the first notes and never lets up on this raucous single. If you’re enjoying the latest track, you can pre-order Kate Clover’s new record here. I was also able to catch up with Kate for a brief interview below.

At what age did you start writing music? Is being an artist what you always wanted to do? 

I never thought about being an artist I just was. From a very young age it’s how I related to the world and expressed myself. It felt natural. I wrote my first song at five, but that’s a generous statement.

Your hometown LA is the big inspiration for this record, correct?

LA is the backdrop to this entire album. 2020 I spent the year at home. The city was quiet and I saw it from a new perspective. sometimes you can’t chose what inspired you and LA became a huge source for me.

Do you feel like LA has changed as you’ve grown up? 

LA is an ever evolving city. It’s gone from being a very unpopular destination to the place to be. I love this city because you have to earn your place. It’s not for everybody and the ones that find themselves here understand what I’m speaking about.

Do you see Los Angeles as the center of the Rock and Roll world? If not here, where else?

I don’t feel like music is centralized anymore. The internet broke that up. It’s a shame that there aren’t more DIY venues because that’s where the scenes stem from. In my experience. The cost of living has become so expensive that a lot of musicians and artists have moved out of the major cities. I’m sure there are scenes thriving somewhere and will bubble up soon. That’s always exciting to me.