Halsey: Hey Buzzfeed, ‘Sorry I’m Not Gay Enough for You’

Hilary Hughes, writing at MTV, details Halsey’s tweet storm this weekend over a Buzzfeed article:

The more popular she becomes, the straighter she presents, so BuzzFeed says — and she has a big problem with that. She has since deleted her tweets, but went in before doing so: “tiresome analysis of my 1 year in the public eye and the ignorance of 8+ years of sexual discovery to determine if I’m truly queer. [And it] is part of a mentality so engrained in the erasure of bisexual ‘credibility’ even within the lgbt community.”

Fall Out Boy Release “Bloom” Short Film Collaboration

Fall Out Boy have teamed up with Bobby Hundreds and We Are Famous to release the short film collaboration Bloom.

Most of us can relate to that that quiet moment right before a personal earthquake hits – where the world shatters at your very core and reality slowly cracks up to the surface like the protruding veins in your wrist. BLOOM explores the truth behind rising above failure and harnessing new life from it. The film stars the ever-amazing Scout Taylor-Compton (The Runaways, Halloween 2, Nashville) as a troubled young motorcyclist whose journey along a winding desert road is violently halted at a crossroads. Through sheer force of will she must choose a new, more positive life path, in order to rise from the ashes.

“Roadies” Gets Canceled

Cameron Crowe’s tour drama “Roadies” has been canceled by showtime.

Despite the mega-talent both on screen and behind the camera, “Roadies” struggled to find an audience and was met with mixed reviews. Variety‘s Maureen Ryan wrote that the show “feels like a Spotify playlist in search of a reason to exist,” in her initial review. The finale brought in just over 500,000 viewers, according to Nielsen’s “Live +3” ratings. The 10-episode run wrapped on Aug. 28.


My Thanks to Touché Amoré and Epitaph Records

A huge thank you to Touché Amoré and Epitaph Records for sponsoring the website this week. The band just released their epic new album, Stage Four, and you should definitely be giving that a listen this weekend. I feel like this is one of those albums that hits you almost immediately with its emotional weight and then over time expands until you just can’t get it off your mind. I find myself thinking about these songs even when I’m doing other things. It’s powerful.

Check below for the band’s upcoming tour dates.

Possible New Lagwagon Album Next Year

Joey Cape of Lagwagon talked with Modern Vinyl about the possibility of a new album next year:

Hopefully we’ll make a record sometime early next year. We’re all excited about it, because we took so long to make our last record, collectively, as a unified identity that you are as a band, which I think is fine. I think we’ve kind of figured out that we’re really in a different place than we were. I feel like the last record was our most successful endeavor. It didn’t really sell, because it’s hard to sell records now. That doesn’t really matter anyway when you make music. I think if you’re a band like us, you really care about doing something that everybody’s happy with. It makes us want to continue doing it. I’m really excited about doing more music because that’s kind of where it’s at; that’s the thing.

Pardon Edward Snowden

The New York Times:

From George Washington onward, the pardon power has enabled American presidents to further the national interest. Whistle-blowers can perform a vital role in protecting human rights, and those who disclose rights violations that are shielded by an official cloak of secrecy are among the most important of all. As Mr. Snowden put it, if “people reporting wrongdoing of the most serious nature have to basically stand up and light themselves on fire, we are very quickly going to find ourselves out of volunteers the very moment when society needs them the most.”

In his biography on Twitter, Mr. Snowden says: “I used to work for the government. Now I work for the public.” That should not be something that gets you locked up for a lifetime or compels you to live in exile. The president has an opportunity to correct that injustice. It’s time to pardon Mr. Snowden and bring him home, not to face the music but to work for the security and privacy of us all.

I agree.