Limbeck – “Million Years”

Limbeck have posted a cover of Steve Whiteaker’s song “Million Years” on Bandcamp to help raise some money for their friend.

Here’s a song by our good buddy Steve Whiteaker. He generously welcomed us into the state of Arkansas quite a few years ago, and showed us one of the greatest venues in the states, the White Water Tavern, in Little Rock.

Unfortunately, Steve’s had some bummer luck with his health, so we got together (digitally) to record this cover of one of Steve’s tunes. We’re donating all proceeds of this tune, plus all the rest of our bandcamp tunes, over to Steve to help him get back into some better days.

A Gofundme page is also set up.

Strung Out Recording in 2017

Strung Out will be working on a new album next year.

We are super amped to be going out with our brothers in Pennywise this fall! Looking forward to an amazing tour playing lots of classic material and some new stuff off Transmission.Alpha.Delta! We’ve also been getting new songs together to record a new album in 2017, see ya at the shows!


Balance and Composure Discuss Van Crash of 2013

Balance and Composure spoke with Entertainment Weekly about their 2013 van crash:

Their van and trailer were totaled, news that devastated the group. “When you’re a touring musician, that’s like your home,” Van Ellis says. “It just made so much sense during the whole thing that we weren’t going to live throughout it. The severity of falling through this guardrail, I think it just shook us to the point where no one wanted to think about touring or being on the road in any capacity.”

Brian Fallon Talks About Critical Reaction to ‘Get Hurt’

Brian Fallon spoke with Chicago Now and talked a little about his reaction to Get Hurt’s reviews:

I say things about Get Hurt but I don’t mean that I feel this way. I feel that that’s the way other people felt in the press. I don’t agree with them. I still think that Get Hurt – I think some of the stuff is good on there. I think some of the stuff is awesome actually.

But some of the critics didn’t get it – like Pitchfork didn’t get it – and they didn’t like me and they went after me for it. But they went real personal with it. They kind of slammed me as a dude. I was like, “You’ve never met me so how are you going to make assumptions about what my intentions are? That’s a little bit ridiculous.”

So what it taught me is to absolutely not regard whatever anyone else says about your intentions and what you’re doing. And it taught me to be stronger. I don’t look at them with any sort of malice or hatred, I look at them almost in gratitude and say, “You know what? You spawned me to be a better writer. Thank you very much.”

US Music Streaming Revenue Grows 57%

Lucas Shaw, writing for Bloomberg, on a new RIAA report that shows US streaming revenue growing 57% in the first half of 2016:

For the good news to continue, sales of paid subscriptions must outpace the declining purchases of music, whether downloaded or on a CD. Physical music sales tumbled 14 percent while downloads also shrank by a double-digit percentage. Streaming holds promise because the cost of a one-year subscription — $120 — is more than the average consumer spent on CDs, even at the peak.

“We’re starting to see on-demand music streaming as no longer a thing that hipster college kids and young people do,’’ said Larry Miller, a former industry executive who now teaches music business at New York University.