Behind Blink-182’s Return to the Top of the Charts

Steve Baltin, writing for Forbes, details the release strategy behind Blink-182’s California after talking with the band, managers, radio, and label. It’s a little insider baseball at times, but there’s a lot of new information here:

“Our strategy really was kind of to give everything a little something,” he says. “That’s why we turned down an offer to window the record, cause we wanted the music to be accessible to the younger kids who listen to it on You Tube and Spotify and different places. We created ticketing tiers for our concerts so the core fans can buy the best seats in the house, but the young fans that might just be discovering the band can afford a ticket to the show also. That was our core strategy throughout this whole thing.”

Sorry in advance for linking to Forbes and their user hostile website.

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Donations Lead to Significant Gene Discovery

The ALSA has reported that the donations received from the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has led to a significant gene discovery:

According to a paper published today in Nature Genetics, researchers part of Project MinE’s global gene sequencing effort, funded by The ALS Association through ALS Ice Bucket Challenge donations, have identified a new ALS gene, NEK1, which now ranks among the most common genes that contribute to the disease, providing scientists with another potential target for therapy development. This was the largest-ever study of familial (inherited) ALS, involved contributions from over 80 researchers in 11 countries, and was led by John Landers, Ph.D., of University of Massachusetts Medical School in Worcester, Mass. and Jan Veldink, Ph.D., of University Medical Center Utrecht, in The Netherlands.

Meet the Las Vegans Who Designed Blink-182’s Tour Graphics

Mike Prevatt, writing for Las Vegas Weekly, details the artists behind Blink-182’s tour graphics:

After working on tours with Rihanna, Lady Gaga and Madonna, he formed live production design company NeonBlack with colleague Dominic Smith. Knowing Blink-182 needed a production company for its upcoming summer tour, the year-old NeonBlack designed a production/stage concept (which is its biggest yet), pitched it to the band and was hired as the trek’s show designer.

5 Things Songwriters Need to Know About the Consent Decree

Brian Penick, writing for Soundstr, details the “consent decree” and how it impacts songwriters and publishers:

While the music industry can seem glamorous, it does have its “unsexy” parts just like any other business sector. For songwriters, one of the least discussed (yet most important topics) is music licensing. But major changes to the consent decree – the federal agreement that governs how ASCAP and BMI operate – is bringing this topic to the surface.

The truth is, these changes could be the biggest in the music industry in 75 years and greatly impact your career.