Most Of Us Are Blissfully Ignorant About How Much Rancid Olive Oil We Use

Anna Maria Barry-Jester, writing at FiveThirtyEight, on all the rancid olive oil we probably use:

“We call the U.S. the world’s dumping ground for rancid and defective olive oil. We don’t know the difference,” said Sue Langstaff, a sensory scientist who consults for the beer, wine and olive oil industries, among others. Studies have shown that even frequent olive oil consumers in the U.S. don’t know what the extra virgin or cold pressed designations mean, let alone have the ability to taste the difference. And in blind taste tests, consumers often prefer lower-quality olive oils.

MTV Launches “Classic” Channel Dedicated to the 90s

Elias Leight, writing for Rolling Stone:

MTV plans to rebrand VH1 Classic as MTV Classic starting on August 1st. According to a statement from the company, the new channel will focus on “an eclectic mix of fan-favorite MTV series and music programming drawn from across its rich history, with a special focus on the 1990s and early 2000s.”

All of our childhoods one day become “classic.”


Halsey: Lessons into Art

Halsey is featured on a new episode of Autobiographies.

From recording a commercial jingle in a basement in New Jersey to selling out Madison Square Garden. In a personal conversation with VICE, Halsey talks about her childhood, growing up bi-racial and the time she spent in NYC that lead to a break that changed everything.

Heavy Metal and Natural Language Processing

A data scientist decided to look through 22,000 metal albums to find out what words are the most “metal.” Turns out “burn” is the most metal word. And then “cries,” “veins,” “eternity,” and “breathe.”

In the face of this complexity, it is not surprising that understanding natural language, in the same way humans do, with computers is still a unsolved problem. That said, there are an increasing number of techniques that have been developed to provide some insight into natural language. They tend to start by making simplifying assumptions about the data, and then using these assumptions convert the raw text into a more quantitative structure, like vectors or graphs. Once in this form, statistical or machine learning approaches can be leveraged to solve a whole range of problems.

I haven’t had much experience playing with natural language, so I decided to try out a few techniques on a dataset I scrapped from the internet: a set of heavy metal lyrics (and associated genres).

Why Politicians Can Get Away With Using Songs That Aren’t Approved

Chris Riotta, writing at Mic:

In the case of the RNC, as Billboard reported, the GOP had reportedly acquired a blanket license from the Broadcast Music Inc., a performing rights organization that collects licensing fees for artists to later distribute as royalties. This allows the Republican party to play virtually any work within the organization’s catalog — Queen included. Once a song is part of the BMI, the permissions are handled by that organization, not the artist. And because the BMI must adhere to anti-trust legislation, as Vox reports, the organization cannot discriminate as to who can or can’t use the song, or respect an artist’s requests to do so.

RX Bandits Announce Anniversary Tour

RX Bandits have announced a 10-year anniversary tour celebrating the release of …And the Battle Begun.

We’re very excited to announce that we’ll be bringing you the full performance of the album. In correlation with this tour, Sargent House is celebrating the 10 years of this album as well as the 10 years of Sargent House by issuing a repress of the album on vinyl.