“Bored to Death” Cover with Tom Vocals

Alex Melton has done a cover of Blink-182’s “Bored to Death” where he tries to emulate what it would sound like with Tom DeLonge doing vocals as well. Gotta say, as a long impersonator of Tom voice, this is pretty damn impressive.

I was curious to know what the new Blink-182 single would sound like if Tom was still in the band, so I recorded a version doing my best Mark and Tom impressions, and just trying to get a passable attempt at Travis’s ridiculous drum parts.


Blink-182 Take It Back to the Beginning

The world has been interviewing Blink-182 over the past week (the label’s mad at me for posting that the video went up on YouTube, so I’m probably s.o.l), the latest is from Forbes, discussing the new beginning for the band and giving a little more detail on some of the new songs:

Well songs like “Rabbit Hole,” that have this big anthemic gang vocal at the end of it. There’s a song called “No Future,” there are a lot of really energetic, anthemic, angst-y fun rock songs I can’t wait to play live. This album is really rich with sing-along melodies and sing-along choruses. When I go to a show I want to sing along with the band. I still have that energy of going to see Bad Religion at the Palladium and wanting to sing every single word and I think this album has a lot of that for people.