Eva Rose – “Final Girl” (Song Premiere)

Eva Rose

Today I’m thrilled to share the new single from talented singer-songwriter Eva Rose called “Final Girl.” The singer likens the theme of the song to the horror genre with pleasing results. As Rose mentioned:

Even though the story line of the song is fictional (I’m lucky to have never been involved with an actual serial killer), the song has a thread of reality in it. I think many people have experienced a similar emotional arc of being naive in the beginning of a relationship, believing the other person will spare you of their bad behavior if you can prove you’re ‘different’ from the rest. Then eventually after enough red flags have presented themselves, the rose colored glasses fall and you see the person for who they really are.

If you’ve been looking for that next great pop artist that makes you feel you’re a part of something bigger, Eva Rose is delivering the goods.

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Review: No Devotion – No Oblivion

There’s a lot to be thankful for when one of your favorite bands decides to give it another go and release a proper follow-up to one of your favorite albums of all time. Before I started writing for this site, I was obsessed with No Devotion and their debut record entitled Permanence. It ended up being my favorite album to come out that year, if not one of my favorites for that entire decade. Catching up with lead singer Geoff Rickly was surreal in many ways. Hearing first-hand how his band in No Devotion crafted their follow-up, entitled No Oblivion, as well as some of the background behind Permanence was too cool for me to even begin to describe. So how could No Devotion, which is also comprised of Lee Gaze and Stu Richardson, possibly top what they were able to accomplish on their debut. No Devotion would answer that question in a thunderous encapsulation of everything they did well on Permanence paired with even more artistic brilliance found on No Oblivion.

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Interview: Cove Reber of Dead American

Dead American

Recently I was able to schedule a Zoom call with one of my favorite post-hardcore vocalists, Cove Reber. The ex-Saosin singer looked back on what he was most proud of from the early days of his career, and we spent the majority of time discussing his new band, Dead American. Dead American’s brand new, full-length record called New Nostalgia is out today wherever you stream your music, or you can pre-order a physical copy (Vinyl/CD) here.

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Review: The Killers – Battle Born

It’s easy to love a thing that everyone else loves. In the music world, there is something thrilling about the communion that comes with shared adoration: about falling head over heels for something that resonates with a lot of other people at the same time as it resonates with you, or of getting the affirmation that comes from seeing all your friends and family and acquaintances fall in love with an album or artist you already adored. It’s far harder to stand your ground when you love something that everyone else says is dogshit. It’s difficult to keep carrying the torch for an album when even the artist who made it has come to view it as sub-par.

I bring all of this up because this weekend marks 10 years since The Killers released Battle Born, their fourth album and an LP that just about everyone – frontman Brandon Flowers included – is convinced is mediocre or downright bad. They’re all wrong: This album fucking rules. It has always ruled, and it will always rule, and it is the perfect bridge between The Killers that were and The Killers that are today. There have been times, over the years, where I would have called it the band’s best album. (I believe that my review of the album for AbsolutePunk.net, still listed as the most positive write-up the album got on Metacritic, made precisely that claim.) From the vantage point of 2022, following two game-changing, band-redefining albums from The Killers in 2020 and 2021, I’m not even sure what my favorite Killers album is anymore. Best or not, though, Battle Born deserves more credit than it got in 2012, and I’m here to make the case for it – even if no one else will.

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Now Playing: My Raspberry Pi Weekend Project

Raspberry Pi

A few weeks ago I started working on a new weekend project. I wanted to build a mini-computer that could sit on my desk and display what I was currently listening to. A simple idea. After completing it, I figured I should write up the entire process, because if I don’t blog about it … did it really happen?

I’ve compiled everything I used in making the little device, and walked through the process below. Most of it is pretty straight forward if you’ve ever worked with a Raspberry Pi or Unix before, and I documented the tutorials I used as well as the actual code I used for the website.

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Interview: Mike York of Pianos Become The Teeth

Pianos Become the Teeth

It’s been four years since Pianos Become The Teeth have released any new music. But after scrapping one record and reuniting with producer Kevin Bernsten, the Baltimore quintet is back with their most challenging and immersive record yet, Drift. A 37-minute journey through the night, Drift exhibits the most thrilling musical work from the band yet, ranging from pulsating tracks like “The Tricks” and “Genevieve” to murkier, groovier numbers like “Skiv” and “Mouth.” I chatted with guitarist Mike York about the inspiration and creation of Drift, the unique sonic dynamics of the record, and more.

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Bret Koontz and Truancy Club – “Strange New Love” (Video Premiere)

Bret Koontz and Truancy Club

Today is a great day to share the latest single from Bret Koontz & Truancy Club, called “Strange New Love.” In this great-sounding single, the band channels power pop groups like Chicago and The Carpenters with a modern twist to keep things interesting for newer audiences. The track comes from the band’s upcoming new LP A Sparkle Road Cult, that will be out everywhere music is sold on November 18th. I was also able to catch up with the band for a brief interview too.

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