Warped Tour’s Pro-Life/All Lives Matter Tent Drawing Criticism

Zac Gelfand, writing for Stereogum, on the controversy over a pro-life/all lives matter tent appearing on Warped Tour this year:

Over the weekend, I noticed my Twitter feed begin to light up with photos of a tent in the middle of the Warped Tour dedicated solely to pro-life/All Lives Matter organization Rock For Life. Many tweeters were appalled that Warped Tour, whose target demographic consists mostly of individuals still in their teens, would allow this tent — which, it has been noted is being run by mostly men — to ask young, impressionable festival-goers when they think rights should begin for a fetus.

And from Caitlin White, over at Brooklyn Mag:

[I]t does raise the question why a festival that puts so little effort into booking women to play their stages feels comfortable bringing along an organization that will eagerly tell their young teen audience members what to do with their bodies.

I’ve seen quite a few bands posting about this on Twitter, and I gotta say, at the very least, selling “all lives matter” shirts is flat out disgusting. And for those that keep wondering why I have an issue with this phrase, this article from the New York Times does a good job explaining why:

When some people rejoin with “All Lives Matter” they misunderstand the problem, but not because their message is untrue. It is true that all lives matter, but it is equally true that not all lives are understood to matter which is precisely why it is most important to name the lives that have not mattered, and are struggling to matter in the way they deserve.

Claiming that “all lives matter” does not immediately mark or enable black lives only because they have not been fully recognized as having lives that matter.

Update: It looks like the organization is not actually selling their “all lives matter” shirt at Warped Tour stops, just at the other festivals they attend.

Brand New to Release ‘3 Demos, Reworked’

Brand New will be releasing 3 Demos, Reworked in the near future.

Update: Banquet Records has updated their website with two listings. The first is for PMT-005, which contains “Mene” and “Out of Range.” The second is for PMT-003 and has a track listing of “Brother’s Song,” “Missing You,” “1996,” “Brother’s Song (Demo 2006),” “Missing You (Demo 2006),” and “1996 (Demo 2006).” Both have release dates of July 29th.

Interview: American Authors (Video)

Every once in a while a band comes along that refuses to fit into the constraints of one genre, and American Authors are a refreshing reminder of how liberating that can sound. Since tip-toeing onto the scene a few years ago, the band has landed on radio, television, and Warped Tour. Their song “Best Day” is as ubiquitous as the sunshine in the summer, but their new album What We Live For features the new single “Go Big or Go Home,” and is making its way everywhere. I spoke with Zac from the band at this year’s Warped Tour and you’ll find that video interview below.


Blink-182 Debut at Number One on Charts

Blink-182 officially have the number one album in the country.

After nine weeks at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 albums chart, Drake’s Views is dethroned from the top slot by Blink-182’s new set, California. The latter debuts at No. 1 with 186,000 equivalent album units earned in the week ending July 7, according to Nielsen Music. Of that sum, 172,000 were in traditional album sales — the third-largest sales week for a rock album in 2016.

Well deserved.

My Thanks to Amazon Prime

My thanks to Amazon Prime for sponsoring Chorus this week. Amazon Prime is a service I’ve been a member of for quite a few years now and give it my full recommendation. Currently the service is offering a 50% discount for all students, and if you buy a lot of stuff from Amazon, the two-day delivery is a game changer. Why go to the store when you don’t have to? Down with stores, yay for clicking buttons.

Also, Amazon Prime Day is July 12th and there will be all kinds of deals going on throughout the day. So, if you’ve been thinking about giving it a shot — now’s a great time.

Chorus TV: Tiny Moving Parts

The air conditioning is off but the crowd of The Echo is packed into the steamy 350-cap room in the middle of June eagerly anticipating the lineup to come. The 26th stop along a 5-week run of shows brings Free Throw, Prawn, and Tiny Moving Parts to LA for an evening of indie rock and emo twinkle-daddies.

Tiny Moving Parts is headlining in support of their latest release, Celebrate, a summer album chockfull of finger-tapping and shout-along anthems — the perfect remedy for a twenty-something’s 2016 quarter-life crisis. Free Throw and Prawn are the perfect compliments, with Prawn—ever wistful and dynamic—and Free Throw paying homage to the mid-to-late 90’s era of emo.

Blink-182 Score First #1 UK Album

Blink-182 score their first #1 album in the UK.

Blink-182 landed their first U.K. No. 1 album with California (BMG), according to today’s new data from the Official Charts Company. […] California achieved chart sales of 24,000 in the week ending last night (Thursday). It’s Blink 182’s seventh studio album and eighth to chart in the U.K., in a 16-year span that also included 2005’s Greatest Hits. Their previous best showing before the new release was Take Off Your Pants And Jacket, which reached No. 4 in 2001.

Ontario Opens Second Largest North American Vinyl Pressing Plant

Kerry Doole, writing for FYI Music News, looks at a new vinyl pressing plant opening in Ontario. The plant will be the second largest in North America:

The company has been pressing vinyl in Prague since January, filling orders for Universal and Sony Canada plus some independent labels. “In phase one we can do 4.5 million units out of the Burlington plant plus 2 million from the Czech plant,” says McGhee. “We’ve already put phase two into motion and that is adding five new automated presses. That’ll put us over the 11 million mark, making us the second largest plant in North America. We’ve already bought a plant in the US based in the Midwest and there’ll be a west coast plant so we’ll have three in North America.”